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Embrace Change

| July 11, 2014 | 0 Comments
Learn to embrace the changes that come in your life.
• You can break away from the consensus about the way things should be done.
• If you find and develop self-belief you can go against the flow, against all the odds.
• Success requires a change of mindset. To change your mindset you have to apply effort to embracing the changes it creates.
• Dare to dispute the consensus in the community in which you live.
• If you tell a man he is incapable for long enough, he will start to believe you. Remember, you are as capable as anyone in your circle and even better than some!
• What changes are you prepared to embrace to ensure your own success? Once the mind has been expanded, it will never return to that former state.


This article is taken from “Lessons From Cool Entrepreneurs” by Roy Smoothe (Just Cool).

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